What Are The Factors That Decide Minimum Draw Weight For Hog Hunting?

What Are The Factors That Decide Minimum Draw Weight For Hog Hunting?

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Want to hunt hogs with a bow? Hunting with bows is the traditional way of hunting. Back when our ancestors used to hunt animals with the help of a bow. Hunting a hog with a bow requires a lot of practice, as hogs are nocturnal and are quick to get alert and run away from the scene. Further, you need to know a bow's minimum draw weight to kill a hog effectively. You will need to build the strength to hold the bow correctly for hog hunting trips in Texas.

Moreover, picking the compound bow for the first time is not easy. Many people struggle with the technique of pulling the string back smoothly. Generally, you need a 150-pound bow with a 40-pound arrow to draw an arrow to kill the hogs. Read this post to learn more about the factors influencing minimum draw weight to kill the hog.

5 Factors That Decide Minimum Draw Weight For Hog Hunting

There is a significant rise in hunters looking to hunt hogs with bow and arrow. It is the traditional method to hunt hogs, generally followed by our ancestors. But you need to learn about your bow's draw weight to hunt the hogs quickly and humanely. Let's look at the various factors that decide hog hunting places in Texas with a bow.

1. Recurve VS Compound Bow Draw Weight Of The Bow

There are different dynamics applied to hunt hogs with bows. Further, different bows operate on different techniques to give better results. The recurve bows are the traditional bows that require a minimum draw weight of around 35-40 lb to hunt the hogs, whereas compound bows are modern bows with a complex mechanism for more accuracy that needs 55-60 lb of drawing weight to hunt the hogs.

2. Ensure Your Draw Weight Must Not Be Too Heavy

You need to have the right draw weight to kill the hogs efficiently. If you begin competing with other hunters or participants to lift heavier draw weight than usual, it can lead to potential injury. Further, it can lead to miss-hit and poor form while having hog hunting trips in Texas. Knowing the right draw weight needs practice with outfitters that train you with the right draw weight to hunt the hog.

3. Necessary Exercises To Increase Your Draw Weight

Hog hunting through archery requires great strength. Therefore you need to exercise that helps you to draw strength. The strength exercise includes biceps and chest exercises. Further, drawing a bow to hunt the hogs requires effective back and shoulder muscles. Therefore, you need to perform exercises like Standing single-arm dumbbell row, Seated rope face pulls, and Incline dumbbell row to make your hog hunting trips in Texas successful.

4. Shot Placement

The goal of having a perfect draw is meaningless if you do not have the correct shot placement on the hog. You need to be in an elevated position 20 yards away from the hog to attack the hog's vital organs at the first leg. The correct shot placement posture to hunt a hog with a bow is shooting from the top of the right shoulder with the arrow stretched up to the ears to possess the ample kinetic energy to hit the hog.

5. Adjusting Your Draw Weight According To The Situation

Adjusting the draw weight is easy if you use compound arrows. All you need is to adjust the limb bolts on the bow by loosening or tightening them for better accuracy. Further, you will need an Allen key to adjust the limb bolts correctly. A complete turn in the limb can create a tolerance of up to 4 pounds in drawing weight. Thus, making a short adjustment in limb bolts can help you make hog hunting trips in Texas thriving.

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