Where to Hunt Hogs in Texas: Considering Affordability, Availability and Terrains

Where to Hunt Hogs in Texas: Considering Affordability, Availability and Terrains

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Where to hunt hogs in Texas is a famous question and known for many things - rodeos, BBQ, the Alamo - but for hunting enthusiasts, the state's abundant wildlife and wide-open spaces beckon. Texas provides a premier habitat for spectacular hunts, from whitetail deer to wild hogs. This blog explores the top destinations and outfitters to consider when planning your next Texas trophy hunt.


South Texas Deer Hunting Packages: A Whitetail Hunter's Paradise 


The state's southern region has rightfully earned a reputation as a whitetail hunter's paradise. Between the sprawling landscapes of the region's ranch country and its mild winters, the conditions are prime for deer to grow healthy and strong. Home to over 4 million whitetails, hunters are almost guaranteed opportunities.


Most outfitters divide hunt packages based on their ranches' general terrain and habitat. Here's an overview:


Brush Country Hunting


The Brush Country region along the Rio Grande River is characterized by sandy soils and, not surprisingly, thick mesquite brush interspersed with prickly pear cactus and various acacias. Whitetails thrive here thanks to abundant, diverse vegetation providing forage and cover. Usually, hunt packages range from $2,500-5,500 for 3-5 days of hunting. 


 Affordable South Texas deer hunts Plains


Further northeast, outfitters near Corpus Christi hunt the expansive LaSalle County plains. This is a sheep and cattle ranching country with big sky views and landscapes blanketed by a mosaic of native grasses. Expect to pay a premium for access here versus brush country, with prices ranging from $3,500-$7,500.


Hill Country Hunting


Situated along the Edwards Plateau, Hill Country terrain is defined by rugged limestone hills with oaks, juniper brush, and mesquite trees along creek beds that cut through valleys and canyons. Hunts here allow for spot and stalk hunting versus tree stands. Packages run $5,500-7,500+ for trophy bucks scoring over 160".


Exotic Hunts


In addition to native whitetail, many South Texas ranches also host exotic deer species from various parts of the world. Common offerings include Axis Deer, Blackbuck Antelope, Fallow Deer, Red Stag, and various sheep breeds. This makes for an excellent variety for hunters who have often harvested whitetail.


West Texas: Wide Open Spaces Teeming with Quail, Dove & Mule Deer


Out west, hunters trade tree stands for greater distances to spot and stalk mule deer and birds across wide open spaces. Terrain encompasses high desert mountains, dry scrubland, and prairies of native grasses. With hundreds of thousands of acres that remain unspoiled by development, west Texas is the place to experience wilderness big country hunting at its finest.


Guided bird hunts for quail and dove are extremely popular in West Texas, with most outfitters offering full or half-day rates. Quail typically hunts for $600+ per day.


Regarding the big game, mule deer are prevalent throughout the west Texas mountains and prairies. Mule deer and buck hunt packages vary greatly based on the quality and track record for big bucks on a ranch, with prices ranging from $2,500-$7,500+. 


While West Texas does not match the density of monster whitetails found in the south, it does offer excellent opportunity due to immense areas still dedicated to free-range hunting across wide open country. West Texas is tough to beat for the hunter seeking a true western big country experience.


Hog Hunting


If you aim to fill the freezer will meat instead of chasing trophy antlers, then hogs should be your primary target in Texas. As an invasive species with prolific breeding habits, over 2 million feral hogs roam the Texas countryside. Wherever you hunt in Texas, you'll find hogs mixing in the same terrain as the deer. 


Hogs cause millions in agricultural crop damage yearly, and reducing hog numbers benefits farmers, ranchers, and land managers seeking more deer. For these reasons, helicopter hog eradication hunts have become an extremely popular and exciting control method! 


Most helicopter hog hunt packages run a guide rate of $1,250+ daily, regardless of the number of hunters. You can expect action-packed shooting, potentially eliminating 30+ hogs. Given the explosiveness of these hunts and the number of hogs taken, they offer excellent value and meat returns.


How to Pick the Best Outfitter


With so many outfitters and ranch choices available, sorting through all the options for booking a Texas trophy hunt can get overwhelming. Here are some tips on narrowing down selections:


- Terrain & Game Variety – Determine the preferred style of hunt between spot and stalk across hill country or brush country vs tree stand whitetail hunting. Also, decide if you are interested in exotics or sticking to natives.  


- Trophy Potential – Trophy fees generally correlate with the history of success on big deer. Research options by browsing for reviews or calling to ask about scoring averages.


- Cost – All variables equal, cheaper land leases = more affordable hunts. Be flexible across a wide range of dates unless targeting the peak of the rut. 


- Reputation – Well-established outfitters tend to deliver good service and manage lands for maximum wildlife health. Google outfitter names for reviews before booking.


Here are key questions to ask when contacting potential outfitters:


- How many total acres and pastures are available to hunt? How many other groups will be on the property?


- Do you provide field dressing and caping services and arrange processors? 


- Is the ranch high-fenced? If not, how are borders managed?


- Do you allow scouting and shooting rates before the hunt?




Texas offers superb hog and deer hunting across diverse regions like South Texas brush country for trophy whitetail and helicopters pursuing swarms of feral hogs. Know prime outfitter locations, affordable rates, and questions to ask when booking your next Lone Star State trophy hunt. Undoubtedly, Texas Hunt Ranch is one of Texas's preferred hog hunting places. Our staff is committed to providing you with the most adventurous and comfortable hunting experience at best. Our highly professional guides will provide a quick safety course before your unlimited hog hunting in Texas.


 If any questions or want to book any of our affordable Texas hunting packages, feel free to contact us.