Our Ministry


  Helping you reach out to your lost Brother is our purpose and ministry. We know that the time to Christ's return is near, and every Christian from every walk of life should be busy about the Father's business, helping to bring in our lost brothers. 

God can use anyone who is willing to do his work, and this became our realization when we asked Him, "but what can we do Father? We are in the hunting business, and how could you use us?" This plan of action and website was His answer. 

He has directed our family to take our business and be about His business of winning the lost for Him.  He has given us this plan. 

As of this writing, we are also making our ranch available to the Men's Church Groups of the Christian Faith, and doing so at a deeply discounted rate.  This is not about denomination, but about Christ and helping you to be "living proof of a loving God to a watching world." 

Do you have a brother, father, son, friend, or neighbor that you have invited to go to church, but they have continually refused? Have you tried to witness to your lost friends or family to no avail? Have they refused to hear about Christ through the traditional means? This is where the Lord has led us to help fill the gap. 

They may have continually refused to go to church with you, but would they like to go hunting with you, and do so at a really good price?  This will give you an opportunity to spend several days of travel and hunting with them, and let them see Christ through you. The goal being, to win your lost friend to Christ. 

To help you facilitate a group hunt that is affordable, we are offering your Men's Group of 12-16 men, the Ranch Hand Hog Hunt Package, valued at $599 per hunter, for free.  We ask that 1/2 of your group NOT be Christians.  These group hunts are to be taken from April 1 to October 1 of each year, with check in days of Sunday-Wednesday only.  Not included are the guide fee, hunting license, hog cleaning/processing or gratuities.  

To reserve a hunt, please call in a credit/debit card for $500.  This cost will be reapplied to "other costs" once at the ranch.                                                                                                                                               

Please call the Ranch to make arrangement for your Men's Group today.

Ranch Boss Hog Hunt Package: $799 per hunter (regular price)

This is a 3 day, 2 night wild hog hunt package,

and includes

  • 2 hogs any size and unlimited piglets under 50 lbs.       

  • Not included:

        •      Hunting license ($25 resident or $48 non-resident @ Walmart. Under 17 yrs old; $10.) 

        •      Hog Cleaning: Cost is $50 to gut and skin hogs 50 lbs or less. Cost is $1.lb thereafter. Bigger hogs are cut into 10 pieces, and ready for the cooker!  This service also includes retrieval from the field, freezing or chilling the meat, and packaging in ice at your departure.

      •      Taxidermy prep to cape $20

      •      Guide/Staff fee of $100/hunter.  This is to be paid in cash upon arrival.

      •      Gratuity for your staff. (Recommended minimum of $50 per hunter)

      •      All non included services are to be paid in cash only at the ranch.

      •     Non-Hunters can be added for $250 ea.

      • Any 2 predators or varmints per day (Bobcat, Coyote, Fox, Possum, Armadillo, Racoon, Rabbit, Ringtail Cat,  or Mountain  lion. We only see a few mountain lion per year, but we want them shot on sight!)     

      •  Day & Night hunting sessions

      • All Meals and Drinks  

      • Great Lodging