The Top locations Spots to go for Hunt in Texas Getting You Ready for Your Next Adventure

The Top locations Spots to go for Hunt in Texas Getting You Ready for Your Next Adventure

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Texas is one of the premier hunting destinations in the continental United States, offering diverse terrain and the chance to bag whitetail deer, mule deer, waterfowl, dove, wild hogs, quail, and more. The massive 268,000+ square mile state has various landscapes suitable for different games, from dense piney woods in the east to rugged mountains and sprawling high plains in the west, which are best for having a hunt in Texas.

Despite rampant urban development, Texas still boasts tens of millions of acres of undeveloped rural land primed for hunting. Public wildlife areas, parks, and private ranches with hunting leases provide options for trophy-minded sportspeople and casual hunters on more modest budgets. Here's your guide to some of the most exceptional spots to plan your upcoming hunting places in Texas.

Whitetail Deer Hunting in The Texas Hill Country 

The gently rolling limestone hills southwest of Austin and San Antonio hold some of America's most coveted whitetail deer country. Deer Ranches near Barksdale have prime lovegrass grassland habitats where wild whitetail thrives. Its managed locale produces superior bucks with larger bodies and wide, mature racks in the 145-170 B&C class range. Being away from major highways is the best thing, as it offers a peaceful, secluded ambience herd.

Just northeast of Texas, full of scenic views of live oaks and Ashe juniper. Rainwater catchment's availability provides excellent nutrition to produce trophy eight to ten-point bucks over 200 pounds.

South Texas: Wing shooting Mecca

The semi-arid thorn brush plains of South Texas are considered one of the most reliable and rewarding destinations to bag doves and quail, whose numbers thrive here. Many ranch operations are dedicated hunting preserves catering to wing shooters during fall and winter migration seasons. Expect fast aerial shooting targeting mourning doves, white-winged doves, and Eurasian collared doves frequenting well-placed watering holes near vast agricultural zones growing corn, sorghum, sunflowers and wheat.

Some Ranches have a prime quail habitat, where its brushland is thick with mesquite and black brush acacia interspersed with crop fields. This ecosystem nurtures healthy wild covey populations of Gambel's and scaled quail. Its guided bird hunt packages promise groups plenty of daily bag limits amid beautiful landscapes blessed with mild winters. Lodges feature handsome rustic accommodations and fine dining. 

Exotic Imports Change Hill Country Hunting

Sprawling high, fenced hunting ranches now dot the Hill Country, where operators have imported exotic big game animals from Africa and Asia. Usually, ranches hold axis deer, blackbuck antelope, aoudad sheep, mouflon sheep, nilgai antelope, scimitar-horned oryx, Watusi cattle and more unusual imports legal to hunt within each Ranch's confines and rules.

The ability to pursue unusual quarries not found anywhere else in North America has added a new element of challenge and adventure that intrigues hunters. Exotics thrive in this semi-arid region, and there are no closed seasons. Most ranches maintain excellent populations for steady turnover and availability towards favourable odds, bagging many of these unusual species within enclosed pastures. Just be sure you identify proper animals before taking any shots on these swift and uncommon game of animals.

Waterfowl Haven on The Coast

The rich tidal marshlands and prairies along the Texas Gulf Coast provide crucial habitat for migrating snow geese, ducks and sandhill cranes each winter. Ongoing wetlands restoration efforts, plus agriculture offering winter wheat and rice crops, help attract and sustain enormous flocks along these key flyway areas. Just be prepared for inclement weather coming off the Gulf of Mexico during hunting season.

The Mad Island Preserve marshes, run by the Matagorda Bay Nature Park, positioned north of Matagorda Bay, host tens of thousands of snow geese and duck concentrations every winter. Expert guides will boat parties out amongst the lush green saltwater marshes before dawn to set up before sunrise flight periods. It takes sharp eyes to spot distant birds against overcast skies, but large flocks eventually descend into spreads setup along structure edges between grass and open water zones. 

Along San Antonio Bay are some of the largest concentrations of snow, where geese and ducks are along the Gulf Coast. Its wet prairie and marsh terrain, protected by a sturdy levee system, offers premium draws for endless rows of descending waterfowl from mid-December into January during peak migration. Expect waves of redhead ducks, gadwall, wigeon, pintails, teal and mallards dropping into zones with hundreds of customized floating decoys. 

Planning Your Hunting Ranch Getaway 

With premier locations found across roughly 85 million acres stewarded by private landowners in Texas, it's imperative to thoroughly research options in preferred hunting zones months ahead of intended trips. Boost the odds of acquiring limited openings by starting early. Whitetail hunts sell out a year or more in advance. 

Many high-profile ranches now operate through an established hunting agent to represent their services. Agents prove extremely useful in handling inquiries, providing guidance in identifying better fits and seamlessly arranging paperwork plus payments for smooth arrivals. Establish clear terms about costs, accommodations, guns/ammo, licensing, field prep, trophy care, essential gear, and provisions like grocery items or alcohol upfront. Reputable agents want you fully prepared well beforehand so the entire ranch visit meets your highest expectations.


Whether pursuing native whitetails or exotics, wing shooting doves or bagging ducks along the coast, Texas offers an incredibly diverse bounty to excite any hunter. Yet responsible stewardship and sustainable land management practices allow quality opportunities to endure across its varied landscapes. Do research to identify ideal locations matching your preferred game and overall interest in finding places to hunt in Texas. Timely planning ensures the best experience in the field. Just be sure to secure hunting leases or pay daily fees to access any private lands and oblige by all rules to be a welcome guest. Texas hospitality thrives, yet it takes moral behaviour in the fields to receive continued opportunities. Here's to full limits and memorable days ahead!

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