What Are The Obstacles Of Hog Hunting In The Night Time?

What Are The Obstacles Of Hog Hunting In The Night Time?

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The government of Texas has lifted the restrictions for hunting hogs. The restriction is lifted due to the increase in the population of hogs at an alarming rate. Further, hogs can cause potential damage to millions of properties throughout the year. Therefore, you do not even need a license for wild pig hunting in Texas. But, hunting hogs have continued for a long time, making the hogs aware of the old hunting strategies. That's why you will find hogs come out in the ranches to consume food at night time. 

Thus, you will find better options for hunting hogs in the night-time. But hunting hogs during the night time is one of the most challenging tasks. Let us look at the challenges you may face while hunting at night-time.

5 Obstacles You May Come Across While Hunting In The Nighttime

Want to hunt the hog in the night-time? Well, the government has removed the restrictions due to the alarming growth rate of hogs, more than 70%. Thus, you are allowed to hunt hogs as much as you want to. However, hogs have become nocturnal, which means you need to hunt them in the dark. Here are the few challenges mentioned in the post you may encounter while hunting the hogs. 

1. The Local Restrictions Of The Hunting

There are many independent ranches to hunt in Texas to provide you with better assistance. However, you must check the permit for hunting on private land during the night. These landmarks are hardly visible at night, making you accidentally surpass the border of ranches where hunting might not be allowed. Thus, you might only hunt in the permitted area at night. 

2. You Will Have Hard Time Hunting Due To Shadows

Shadows are considered as one of the most significant obstacles to wild pig hunting in Texas at night. You will need some arrangements to avoid the shadows while hunting. Further, shooting with guns became hard as the hogs appeared as two because of the shadow. Once you shoot the hog and miss the spot, these hogs will get alert and run away from the site.

3. Reduced Vision Due To Low Light

You may find difficulty locating the hogs due to low vision at night. Reduced vision can create certain levels of danger while hunting. Since you might be looking for a hog to hunt a few yards away while the hog might be present beside you. Therefore, managing the light intensity to hunt in Texas is essential for better results

4. Hard Time In Using Baits

Baits are handy for luring animals for hunting. Generally, baits can be the favorite food of the animal. This food can be savored by animals, making them prone to enter the danger area. But, using these baits became complicated at night because you might not be able to decide the correct spot to place the baits at night. These baits must be placed in a close area, ensuring the hog might not escape faster once you miss the shot.

5. Poor And Unnatural Lighting System

You will find much research supporting using green light to locate nocturnal animals at night. Hogs being nocturnal, find it challenging to detect green light. But, using cheap green lights, on the other hand, can prove to be a disaster. It will alert them, thereby reducing your chances of successful wild pig hunting in Texas.

Overcome The Obstacles With The Help Of Professional Outfitters!

Feral hog hunting has been considered as a wild sport ever since the ban on hunting was lifted in Texas. However, hogs, being nocturnal, came out to hunt only at night. Therefore, you will get the best opportunity to kill the hog only at night. But, hunting the hogs at night is quite challenging due to the aforementioned challenges. Are you searching for professional packages for South Texas hunting? You can contact TEXAS HUNT RANCH is a one-stop solution for all your hog hunting needs at unmatchable prices. Call us to discover more about services curated especially for you.