What Are The Best Guns For Hog Hunting In Texas?

What Are The Best Guns For Hog Hunting In Texas?

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Even though hunting is prohibited in most parts of the world, it is allowed in Texas due to the increasing population of wild boars at an alarming rate of 75% annually. Hence, you can find various dedicated ranches for boar hunting in Texas. These ranches have adequate arrangements to make your hunting experience more effortless. Plus, you will get various hunting professionals to train you with the hunting tactics to hunt the hogs. 

For hunting, you need to pick the best ones from the lot. Hence, let us go through a list of widely used hog-hunting guns to make hunting easier.

Top 5 Best Guns For Hog Hunting In Texas

The experts offer plenty of gear equipment for South Texas deer hunts. Hunting under expert guidance ensures your safety and faster hunting within the time frame. Thus, having guidance for experts is crucial for hunting. You will get a wide array of guns and shields for the hunt. Let's look at one of the best guns for hunting deer and hogs in Texas effortlessly.

1. Browning BAR ShorTrac Hog Stalker

Browning Automatic Rifle(BAR) is one of the most sought guns for hunting hogs. Veteran John Moses made this gun in 1917, which served as a prime gun in World War 1 and Vietnam. Further, these guns can make their way through hard skin that reaches right at the bones to collapse its target. Known for their excellent pistol grip, these guns come with a ten-round semi-auto .308 rifle to make more accurate hitting in less than a few seconds.

2. Smith And Wesson M&P 10

Smith and Wesson come from a family of semi-automatic .308 AR-10-style rifles. These guns are used for boar hunting in Texas because of their excellent accuracy, full-length Magpul stock, and ambidextrous controls. Besides that, this gun gives you the leverage of shooting upto 20 rounds within a matter of few seconds. Therefore, it is recommended as one of the hell-bent loose guns for hunting the pigs in Texas. 

4. Marlin Guide Gun

The Marlin guide gun is one of the most beautiful guns one can carry for South Texas deer hunts and hogs. The newer version of guns can hold upto 6 plus 1 round of effortless hunting .45-70 cartridges that first-time hunters can use easily. Further, these guns weigh around 7 pounds and are 3 feet long, best to cover the open sights. If you are looking for lob bullets to punish the pigs, this gun is one of the best options.

4. Savage 11 FCNS Hunter

The Savage 11 FCNS Hunter is used for spine-chilling accuracy under a budget of $700. Once you have this savage hunter, you will barely need any other rifle for boar hunting in Texas. Further, these guns are ample enough to hunt down a pig's heart from 400 yards. Moreover, it can be attached with a silencer that will help you fire the target without making a noise. 

5. Nemo Omen Match 2.0

Nemo Omen Match 2.0 comes from the family of AR-10-style rifles in .300 caliber. It is believed to be among the luxurious guns used for hog hunting in Texas. Further, these guns come with a top-notch trigger and bolt barrel. Generally used for long-range attacks, these guns come with 14-round magazines to save reload time. Moreover, you have the liberty of using night vision optics with the gun for better hunting.

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