Tips On How To Beat The Heat This Texas Hog Hunting Season

Tips On How To Beat The Heat This Texas Hog Hunting Season

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If you want to experience a safe and successful hunt this summer’s upcoming Texas hog hunting season, it’s essential to prepare, practice and plan in advance and learn different hunting tactics. Hog season is fast approaching. It’s time to get back into the groove of your wild hog hunt and keep your hunting skills honed. Being one of those veteran hunters, you know hogs are easier to hunt in summers as they can be traced and patterned much faster than in any other season.

Below are some proven tips on how you can hunt those summer hogs without breaking too much of a sweat.

1. Gather Information On The Movements Of Your Enemy Hogs

Often warm days tend to make the hogs disappear in thick holes. But that’s also one of the many reasons why summer hunting hogs is proven more beneficial. Before commencing your journey of scouting this Texas hog hunting season, search for wallows, droppings, tracks, rooting, and stranded hairs in barbed-wire fences. These signs will help you pattern their movements and plan your successful hunting strategy.

2. Plan A Clever Trap And Get Your Clean-Shot Opportunity

Once you get a hold of hogs’ movements, you get a clear idea of their home range and bedding, water, and food areas they will most likely stick to. And after you find their usual travel routes, you can also successfully plan an ambush for them. Don’t forget to conceal yourself and stay quiet while planning to intercept the wild hogs on one of those Texas hog hunting trips.

3. Linger Around In Their Usual Water Sources

With the rise in temperature in the Texas hog hunting season, hogs are likely to stay in areas with water sources. During the hot summer months, hogs are likely to visit their water sources at least several times, enough for hunters to make their successful hunt. If you are unable to find one of the most prominent yet cost-effective Texas hog hunting ranches, then you can try visiting the Texas hunt ranch and plan your next successful hog hunt.

5. Place Your Hunters In Hideouts And Make A Drive

One of the most productive ways to successfully enter the Texas hog hunting season is by asking one of your hunters to take a stationary position with good visibility. This way, they can communicate whenever hogs are around or near your shooting range. Thus the driver can carefully make the hogs rush to the areas where hunters are waiting for their prey.

 Become One of Those Spot-And-Stalk Hunters

Since hogs have relatively poor vision, it’s easier for veteran hunters to move slowly and quietly in their bedding and feeding zones. Find a spot with some elevation that provides excellent cover and visibility and efficiently spot and stalk your hogs.

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