Amazing Guide To Conquering Night Hog Hunts  In Texas?

Amazing Guide To Conquering Night Hog Hunts In Texas?

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Nowadays, Hog hunting has become popular in Texas. We are so grateful to the state of the federal government for its immense support. The thrilling part of this adventure sport is Night Hog Hunts in Texas. At Texas Hunt Ranch, we provide world-class services for hogs. Our hunting is suitable for family, business, or ministry events. In this Blog, we discuss how to conquer night hog hunting in Texas.


Strategy That You Work Out

The hunting methods are different. Methods should be chosen according to their convenience. Other factors also play an important role, like the time/season of the hunting band regions.

If you are participating in Night hog hunting, your strategy should be aligned and effective with the region. An important point to consider is that strategy varies from region to region.

Hogs are generally nocturnal animals, so night hunting is a great choice. Hunting with the optimum night vision /thermal optic scopes is a must. Under the cover of darkness, we can easily hunt them.

You might be wondering where to hunt hogs in Texas.  It is in South Texas, West Texas, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio

Best Time / Season to Hunt Hog At Night?

When we talked about feral hogs, we saw that they generally come out at night. This is because of their nocturnal habit. However, they show different behavior during winter. In this season, they prefer to come out during the daytime in search of food.

Summer season is best for hunting hogs at night. You can spot more hogs than other animals at night time in summer. Wild pigs constitute the obvious choice for hunting sport.


Choices Of Gears, Weapons

The choice of weapons for hunting hogs is crucial. There is no hard and fast rule. You can choose any type of weapon, such as rifles, shotguns, pistols, and crossbows. However, it is recommended to use an AR Rifle to maximize the chances of getting a kill.

When you talk about the bating, you can use an automated or gravity feeder. To attract the hog, you can choose the following food options: oak mast, nuts, overripe fruits, sweet potatoes, and food grains to lure the e wild hog. Because hogs are not choosy about picking up a food option, you can choose any of these options.

Lightning is the most important gear for night hog hunting in Texas. It helps you achieve the desired result as much as possible. We understand that you get a fair vision from the moonlight, but you should still vary the lightning. If the visibility is not clear due to the moonlight, you can either use a feeder light or night vision.



Night hog hunting is an adventure sport. You should go with an expert. Texas Hunt Ranch is a great choice for you. For more information and to enquire about Affordable South Texas deer hunts, visit their official website.