Meals and Lodging


Meals are served each day at 9 am, 1 pm and 5 pm.


Breakfast is served at 9 am each morning.  Plan on coffee and orange juice to get your morning energized! Drinks are available each morning prior to the breakfast hour.  We have different skilled and talented cooks and chefs preparing their breakfast specialties each day, and the flavors and tastes are to be experienced!  Come hungry, as their is always plenty for everyone!


Your camp cook aims to please, and will not let you down for the lunch hour!   Lunch is served everyday at 1 pm, and ranges in variety based on the seasons. Throughout the year, you may experience hamburgers, bbq, cold cuts, and a wide variety of other great menu items.  Eat all you can, but save room for your dinner, as it is extra delicious and served in abundance!


This is the meal you have waited for all day!  Our chefs and cooks take extra pride in the preparation and the creativity in the dinners served each night at 5 pm.  The types of foods served are varied, and please even the most discerning of diners!  On occasion, you may get to enjoy some of the wild game harvested on the ranch, and yes, its more tasty than you can imagine!  Eat all you can, but be sure and save room for dessert!