3 Tips For Night Hog Hunting In Texas You Must Know

3 Tips For Night Hog Hunting In Texas You Must Know

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Night hog hunting in Texas is a challenging task. As hog hunting has become a progressively popular approach to control the growing feral hog population, the species has acclimated to hunter conduct by becoming nighttime. As a result, the best period to hunt wild hogs is when they're awake and foraging at night. Undoubtedly, tracking at night comes with a set of tricky tasks such as limited visibility of shooting, the growing likelihood of shocking the hogs, and the additional challenge of encountering them in the dark. Are you looking to ensure yourself an award kill in darkness? If yes, follow the following tips and get your night hunting done. 

How To Hunt a Hog In The Dark of Night? 

Many hunters think you can go and shoot a hog with minimal skill, and effort is all needed. Well, that's not true. It takes understanding, adeptness, and often top-level knowledge to conclude your hunting. If it's about night hunting, you better not ignore the following pro tips. 

  1. Use The Most Suitable Weapon 

One of the most appropriate things you can't miss is selecting the right weapon or gun for hunting. A good bolt-action rifle works fine. You are going for night hog hunting, so you must concentrate only on the target and not bother about the weapon operation. So, ensure you are confident in using whatever weapon you carry. If you're optimistic, you won't feel much pressure and will do your hunting with complete concentration.

  1. Try To Hunt With Feeders 

Putting out feeders is one of the adequate ways to take a wild hog. Feral hogs have an incredibly well-developed, sensitive sense of smell, which they depend on diligently to seek out meals. As hogs can smell some aromas from up to five to seven miles away, crowding up feeders at night with their wild food sources is an excellent method to attract them out in the open space. The trick to using hog feeders contains oak mast, acorns, corn, fruits, and nuts. You can also set automatic feeders on your hunting trips in Texas to go off after dark at night. Regular baiting in an area with optimum visibility, like a field, will benefit training the hogs. Finally, once the hogs associate that feeder with food, you'll notice them coming to you.

  1. Make Cautious Use Of Light 

Remember, even if you are hunting in a well-illuminated area like an open field, where the moon will give a lot of visibility, using a discreet light is one of the best ways to make your night hog hunting. It's essential to use obscure, low-intensity light while hunting a hog to assure you don't frighten the animal. White lights or lights that are too promising will scare the hogs, resulting in you losing your prey. Also, in the worst case, you can be the subject of the hog's aggressive behavior. Make use of red lights, which are the best for night hunting. Connecting the red light to the bottom of a hog feeder to brighten the area will provide you with a clear vision before you attack and is a surefire wire to ensure your successful hunting trip.

Make Your Night Hog Hunting Successful! 

So there you are, ready to make a successful hog night hunting! Follow the pro tips mentioned above and get your hunting done with no hassles. If you're looking for world-class Houston, Texas hog hunting, get in touch with TEXAS HUNT RANCH today! Plan your hunting trip with our fortunate and reasonable hunting packages without hurting your pocket and get exclusive offers to enjoy savings. Contact us now!